Bojan (cropped)



Dr. Bojan Peric (aka Dr. Bojangles) completed his Chiropractic degree (Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Chiropractic) in 2010 at RMIT University Melbourne.  However, he was a “health nut” long before then. His primary school friends will tell you he was well known for his “apple a day” for as long as they remember.

His love of sports fuelled his passion for health. Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton and, his most serious sporting endeavour, Taekwondo, had him seeking to improve performance long before considering a career.  He became multiple Junior National Taekwondo Champion and finished runner-up on his first, but sadly last, attempt as a senior. At this point, education took precedence as he embarked on his chiropractic journey.

After graduating, his thirst for knowledge had him acquire certification in Applied Kinesiology, Visceral Biomechanics and Dry Needling.  He continues to be an avid reader of research.  You can get your weekly dose, if you track his #ResearchSunday posts on Facebook at:

Utilising a hands-on, movement based approach, while encouraging good food; good sleep; good sex and good laughs, his focus is helping others exceed their own expectations.

His personal guarantee is; “If I can’t satisfactorily answer your health question on the day, then I will on your next visit!”