Myotherapists assess, treat and manage dysfunction of muscles & joints, causing body aches & pain.

Treatable conditions can arise from sporting endeavours, overuse and from poor posture, a typical occurrence with a desk-bound lifestyle.

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Dr. Bojan Peric practices Chiropractic at Symmetry Health & Movement Clinic on Tuesdays & Fridays.

If you'd like to learn more about him click on the link below.

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Sometimes 'treatment' of the offending muscles or joints is not enough and strengthening/corrective exercises are recommended or prescribed by your practitioner.

Tracey takes ‘one on one’ functional strength training classes, personally guiding you, optimising this treatment approach.

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At Symmetry Health & Movement we value and encourage good balance in all aspects of life.

Whilst we each love and have passion for our individual crafts, we believe there’s more to good health than simply booking an appointment to see us. That good health & happiness are not accomplishments in life you work towards then arrive at, but states of being you aspire to attain, continuously prioritise and perpetually work to maintain.